Laura Bradley is an LA-based musician/composer/singer whose fourth studio album, “Bleed” transcends over-simplistic genre categorization. Bradley harnesses the power of her trademark angelic sound and unleashes her voice with the spectral force of an emotional whiplash as this powerful rock album spins out into groove-heavy pockets of distortion, atonal dissonance, high-octane hooks and the haunting piano melodies that are the signature of Bradley’s compositional style. With the addition of her phenomenal new band, The Longing, Laura gains a jagged, rhythm driven musical perspective that will only energize her ever-growing fan base.

Born in Toronto, Bradley grew up in Miami, Florida, where the musical influences are as diverse as the multicultural population. Singing from earliest childhood, and self-taught on piano and guitar into her early teens, her diligence and tenacity paid off in a music scholarship for operatic voice, where she simultaneously studied opera while singing rock, expanding her multi-octave range and developing the finely tuned vocal control that distinguishes her in the crowded field of singer-songwriters.

Always ready to push creative boundaries, The Longing joins Laura in blending buoyant, aurally addictive hooks, searing guitar work, multi-layered rhythm to enhance Bradley’s tormented vocals and atmospheric piano to reveal “Bleed” – the latest studio effort released in August. The band consists of guitarists John Huldt and Sean Maier, bassist Michael Wallace and drummer, Tom Plumb – all formally trained, seasoned session and touring musicians with numerous high-profile production and engineering credits.

The stunning video for the single, “Bleed” was directed by Carmella Cardina, supervising producer of “The Green Room with Paul Provenza” on Showtime along with writer and producer, Flint, Bradley’s sister. Set in a neglected yet beautiful mansion, it traces the story of a woman lost in the history of the old house and its secrets. The imagery of the past and present collide within the memories of romance, intrigue and blood.

The soul wrenching “Cool Dark Slip” opens with Bradley’s haunting solo piano before exploding into an urgency of hard-driven guitars. “This is one the most achingly intimate songs on the album,” Bradley says. “This song simply penned itself. I had recently lost someone I loved to suicide and I was drowning in loss and anger. In order to find forgiveness, I took on the persona, the story of why, and faced the pain, her pain and what it was like to take her own life.”

The melodic and atmospheric, “This Flame”, exposes Bradley’s experience with the Angeles National Forest Station fire that burned Producer Wallace’s StonyVille Cabin and Studios to the ground in 2010. “The fire took on a feminine identity and I hated her with all my heart. I speak directly to her in the song, telling her how she took from me a sense of safety and security. I had no power against her, and the change she was forcing upon me with her raging inferno. People like to think that all the songs are autobiographical when actually they are not. In the end, they are all very personal and meaningful to me, but I’m stepping into a persona as I am affected by a story, a confession, an event or the imagery of a situation.”

Bradley has toured nationally as a solo artist in support of her first two CDs, RAIN and STORM (distributed by eOne), and became the opening act for both Colin Hay and Dionne Warwick & Friends at Miami’s Bank United Center. With the addition of The Longing, the group has performed at numerous rock venues with a unified vision and sound that electrifies an audience. Impressed by her playful theatrics and easy rapport with an enthusiastic crowd at The Viper Room, Music Connection Magazine reviewer, Lisa Elaine Scott writes, “Laura is an accomplished composer and a sophisticated performer. Her risk-taking lyrical story lines, combined with stellar musicianship and a spellbinding stage presence, make for an outstanding live show. Unafraid to stray from the familiar formula, Laura Bradley and The Longing are creating aural art at its best.”

With singles WICKED and FROZEN GROUND receiving tremendous airplay in the UK and 18 countries worldwide, as well as WICKED earning UK record of the week, Laura thoughts have focused to returning to the road. She reveals, “I never meant for this to be a project four years in the making, but you have to be able to step away and give something space to grow. The end result is exactly what I’ve always wanted: A thirteen song epic release of dramatic and difficult subjects, propelled by the rich and heavyweight sound of The Longing. I think we were all focused on playing this music live the entire time we were recording.”

Previously, singles from RAIN and STORM were in rotation on multiple Clear Channel stations, and “Choosing You” was featured on the season finale of MTV’s “The Real World — Down Under in Sydney”. Bradley also has a great passion for film and co-composed the score for William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, as well as writing and performing the theme song, “Sword and Stone.” “Rain” was featured on the soundtrack for Benny Bliss and the Disciples of Greatness (feature film, Sundance Film Festival: Official Selection 2009), and “Love Song” the theme song on “Butterflies,” a short film presented in Cannes 2009.

You can find Laura’s entire back-catalog available on most digital and mobile service providers worldwide (iTunes, Amazon, Emusic, Spotify, etc). Current digital distribution is through The Orchard.