They’re Playing My Song

What if it really was your song?

Not just a song you like.

But a song inspired & written for you by a gifted and professional songwriter…

  • as a tribute to a loved one or special friend
  • to honor a cause or institution your cherish
  • to commemorate a significant event in your or another’s life
  • to express your feelings about almost anything…

Singer / songwriter Laura Bradley has written many such “personal songs” for friends, family and clients who have commissioned her to create the perfect song to express their deepest feelings.

Music is an extraordinarily special way to communicate. A simple song can often say more than can be said in almost any other way.

That’s what people mean by “the soundtrack of my life”…the songs and music that captures and sums up their most meaningful moments and experiences.

How much more special would it be to have a song written JUST FOR YOU.

Personally Commissioned Song Writing for Special Occasions

Family Events – Celebrating a wedding, new baby, graduation, birthdays, anniversary

Transitions – A sacred song marking a special person’s life achievements

Personal Triumphs – An anthem of achievement

Civic Celebrations – A song of praise for a special cause or charity

Corporate Branding – A promotional theme song

Personal Expression – Special private thoughts set to music

How It Works

-Laura meets one on one with you for a personal interview to create and establish song inspiration, content and style

-Laura will compose and produce a studio recording of your hallmark song

-Laura will perform your song live at a special event per your request

Previously, singles from Laura’s first two CD’s, RAIN and STORM were in rotation on multiple Clear Channel stations, and “Choosing You” was featured on the season finale of MTV’s “The Real World – Down Under in Sydney”. Bradley also has a great passion for film and co-composed the score for William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, as well as writing and performing the theme song, “Sword and Stone.” “Rain” was featured on the soundtrack for Benny Bliss and the Disciples of Greatness (feature film, Sundance Film Festival: Official Selection 2008), and “Love Song” the theme song on “Butterflies,” a short film presented in Cannes 2009.

Laura Bradley - Rain

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  1. Rain
  2. Reason
  3. Drive
  4. Rock Bottom
  5. Probably
  6. Big Ass Liar
  7. Don't Forget to Write
  8. Morning's Light

To a musician, it can be magnificent and rewarding to have an audience hear and appreciate their musical creations.

While composer / singer Laura Bradley appreciates the plaudits of others, she writes music mainly for herself. She is her own most important muse and harshest critic. The creation of music is her way of addressing life’s lessons, challenges and rewards and she does so with wicked wit and honesty, exacting musical standards and an untamed imagination.

Once a song passes muster with her, she reaches for a wider audience of kindred spirits. Each of her CDs -- Bleed, Rain, Anthems, The Prayer and Storm – has been warmly received by her devoted and growing fan-base. With her long-time fans and new audiences at her side, Laura has graced stages large and small, leaving audiences breathless and longing for more. Laura’s songs are the salve to their wounds and quench their thirst for joy, love and redemption.

At the same time, Bradley has always enjoyed and sought out opportunities to create individualized musical experiences for others..... special songs written for the individual and customized to help them celebrate and remember important matters in their lives.

Why – Laura asks – should a person be denied the joy of possessing their own personal world of music merely because they lack some of the tools of creation? In writing a privately commissioned song, Laura seeks to serve as an expansion of the client's musical sensibilities and writes the song as though it sprang from the client's own soul.